Money Management in Forex Trading

Money Management in Forex Trading

Money Management is a main theme to be successful in Forex Trading, there are several steps that you need to take to help you manage your money well:

 Know the Risks of Each Trade

You need to know how much you’re prepared to lose or put at stake on each of the trades you make. It’s a very important part of managing money that stops you from blowing all your money on a whole lot of losing trades. You should not risk more than 2% of your whole trading account, less if you’re new to the markets.

Use Stop Loss Tools

This is one way you can guarantee that the losses you accrue will not be substantial. Stop-loss orders kick in automatically, preventing you from making huge losses. Most of these do work well in stopping you from losing everything in one go. You should always make sure that your stop-loss order represents targets based on the actual market conditions and price-action.

Consider the Ratios of Reward-To-Risk

You should make sure you know the ideal time to close your deal once profit is being made.

Leverage should be Used Cautiously

People are attracted to Forex because of the high leverages from brokers. Leverage is needed as the currency pairs move in such small amounts, but traders need to remember that high leverage increases potential loss on a trade.

Emotional Trading

Emotions are not good in this business. You need to stick to your strict plan, even when it feels tough emotionally. If you move a stop-loss when your trade is open or exit too early from a trade that’s profitable are mistakes that people often make. Traders often use too much leverage as well to try to increase their profits. These are all that happens when traders let their emotions take control over their trades.

Keep a Journal of Trading

By keeping a journal, you can record your weak parts in money management and try to fix those problems. Perhaps you have too tight stop-losses or cut out of deals early. Whatever it is, by keeping a diary, you’ll be able to identify your money management issues quicker.

Learn Money Management Techniques

This is the most important thing that traders can learn. It’s a huge topic but taking control of the points mentioned above will lead you to greater success as a trader.

The Mindset in Forex Markets


Anyone can make gains with Forex trading. But, anecdotally, 95% will lose money. So, think about what will separate a winner from a loser. Typically, it’s the mindset of the trader that is the determining factor in whether or not a trader wins or loses. You need to be of the mindset of seeing through your strategy. You need a simple yet logical method that is robust as well as the discipline to make sure you apply it if you want to be successful. If you lack either of these things, the equation simply won’t work. Without the discipline, your method won’t come to fruition.

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